Your Trusted Glover Street Surgery in Belmont

The earliest record indicates the Dr. Glanville Jeffries Rawles started this practice after graduation. His practice was bought by Dr. John Mckenzie Woods in 1932. Woods family built purpose built “doctors house” built at the corner of pacific highway and Glover Street.
Glover Street Surgery was bought by the late and esteemed Dr. Neil Gordon in 1937 and then taken over by his son Dr. Denis Gordon.
Dr. Denis Gordon has been a popular doctor in Belmont for over 5 decades and served various clubs. He retired in 2018.

Dr. Sandra Fisher worked in this practice for 34 years and retired in Feb 2018. She took the responsibility of training medical students and GP registrars.

The Glover Street Surgery is committed to maintaining the highest standards of healthcare provision and is fully accredited ensuring that we meet nationally recognized standards of quality control. We are also a registered training practice.

The Glover Street Surgery Difference

Glover Street Surgery is a professional, multi-disciplinary and privately owned healthcare centre . This is a AGPAL accredited general practice.

At Glover Street Surgery, we believe in providing quality health and medical care to you and your family. Our professional and collegiate team of Doctors, nursing and administration staff aim to meet your health care needs to the highest of expectations.

We bring together a strong team of friendly medical practitioners and support staff with unified goals. We are a group of exceptional doctors who share a vision to provide healthcare with professionalism and compassion.

Currently Dr Vadiraj Raghavendra, Dr Uthappa Mayanamada and Dr Laura Heal form the backbone of our clinical team with able support from our efficient and friendly practice nurses Wendy Fillingham and Tayla Connors.


Glover street surgery runs an appointment system; however we do keep openings for emergencies. You can make an appointment with your doctor by phoning the surgery. Urgent medical problems will be dealt with promptly. Appointments are made at 10 – 20 minute intervals. When making your appointment please advise staff if you need extra time.

Nobody likes to be kept waiting and we are all aware of this and try to adhere to appointment schedules. However, the unpredictable nature of medical practice means that doctors sometimes run behind time. This is mostly due to a patient requiring urgent medical attention. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to patients when we fall behind with our appointment schedule.

If you no longer require your appointment, we would appreciate you calling to cancel so the time may be made available to other patients.

Home visits

If you are too sick to attend the surgery and you are a regular patient, a home visit can be arranged by notifying our reception staff. We also provide care for nursing home and hostel residents. Please inform staff at the surgery before 9.30am if possible.

Phoning Doctors

Doctors in this practice may be contacted by phone during surgery hours. A message will be taken if the doctor is with another patient and your call will be returned when the doctor is available.

Repeat Prescriptions and referrals

In order to monitor your health and fulfill our ethical and legal responsibilities, we require that you attend your doctor for a consultation if you require further prescriptions and referrals. If your doctor is not available, another doctor in the practice may attend to your request.


Please contact the reception for detailed information regarding the fees. We are a mixed billing practice. We bulkbill the children, pensioners and DVA patients.
Patients coming for follow up and results will be bulkbilled.